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Do you wish you could combine the convenience and speed of a flash drive with the security of the cloud? Katana does this and more.

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The cloud is big. Traditional portable storage mediums like flash drives are continually being replaced for the more secure data storage the cloud provides. But the cloud suffers from several drawbacks - it's slow. It requires an internet connection. And it doesn't always work with every device. We set out to create a perfect solution that combines the advantages of the cloud with the speed and convenience of flash storage.

Enter Katana.

Our solution

Katana is a smart flash drive that pairs to your mobile device. The mobile device provides two key functions - advanced remove controls for encryption and the ability to connect directly to cloud storage. When you need a fast, secure or large storage medium just save your file in Katana's memory where the 256 bit AES encryption will protect it. And if you want to send the file to the cloud drop it in the right folder and it'll be uploaded to your favorite cloud service even after you disconnect the drive.

Furthermore, because Katana needs to be paired to a mobile device any MDM solution implemented for an organization's mobile devices (Airwatch, CA, EMS, etc) automatically extends to Katana. If the paired mobile device is remotely wiped then data on the Katana will be inaccessible to anyone else in possession of it.


Katana's cloud based MDM software also provides organizations with the following features:
  • Device and remote wipe management
  • WiFi and Geofencing for automatic device unlocking
  • Device usage logging, including file transfers
  • Integration into an organization's existing cloud storage

Katana is currently in prototype stage. We have several hardware prototypes and an alpha version of our MDM software. We're currently refining our specifications for a commercial device design and a beta version. We need funding to continue our development efforts.


We've completed prototype testing and will start working on commercial prototypes soon. We have a great team with significant experience in embedded electronics and electronic device manufacturing.

Breadboard Prototype

Prototype Device

iOS App Prototype

The prototype package rendering shown above is approximately 2.5" long, but the commercial version will be slightly smaller.

The encryption technology used is state of the art - Katana uses 256 AES hardware encryption which is currently impossible to break. A brute force attack would take over 3x10^56 years to complete [2]. Because we're using hardware encryption, Katana is significantly faster and more secure than the software encryption offered by programs like TrueCrypt or BitLocker.

Katana will have update-able firmware, which will initially be released under a GPL open source license as we know that the most secure platforms open up their source code for critiquing. Furthermore, open source firmware would allow other developers to take advantage of some of the hardware in the device to enable new features (USB thumb drive + Bluetooth = internet... use your imagination!).

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